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Chocolate Diamonds for Easter
Bespoke Blog Various 19 April 2019

A chocolate diamond is for life, not just for Easter!

A handcrafted chocolate egg is just what everyone wants at Easter time – a delicious, artisan treat to nibble and relish. Chocolate is a real luxury, but it usually disappears very quickly!  Happily, chocolate diamonds skilfully set in handcrafted piec

Ann's Mum's Pendant
Various 30 March 2019

Happy Mother’s Day!

When discussing which bespoke projects we would write about for Mother’s Day, I came across an image of a pendant that we made for my own Mum a few years ago.  It seems only right that I would write a blog about this special piece in the lead up to Mot

Irish Times Cover
Gifts News Various 19 October 2018

18ct Magic – As Seen in The Irish Times

Lonely Earring Cover
Blog Various 30 August 2018

Our Lonely Earring Box

How many lonely earrings do you have?  One?  Three?  Too many to count? Single earrings do go missing – unfortunately it’s a fact of life!  And it’s very frustrating to have one of your favourite Stonechat earrings sitting at home, forlorn as it can’t

Blog Remodelling Old Jewellery Various 15 August 2018

Remodelling in Killarney – What to Expect

We have exciting news – we will be in Killarney in early September for our next remodelling event!  We organised a remodelling event in Galway earlier this year which was a great success!  Let us tell you about Galway so you get a feel for what is in t