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Behind the Scenes Blog News 27 February 2020

Our Expansion is Underway!

Spring is definitely springing, and spring means growth!  We are very busy growing too – our expansion is well under way and it’s extremely exciting! While day-to-day business continues as normal in our shop and workshop in 3-4 Westbury Mall, great wor …

Irish Times Cover
Gifts News Various 19 October 2018

18ct Magic – As Seen in The Irish Times

News Various 5 April 2016

A Remodelling Project – The Family Ring

As this commission is such a lovely illustration of how the remodelling process works, I decided to write a blog about it! A customer came to us before Christmas with two 18ct yellow gold rings that held a huge amount of sentimental value for her. She …

Blog News 29 June 2014


Today is a very emotional day for me as I say goodbye to my lovely little shop, a shop that has served me so well for my first two years in business, a shop that allowed me to realise my dreams & brought me through all of those worry filled days to …

Blog News 23 May 2014


Something old, something new… Melting old gold to make a wedding ring We often get asked to melt down jewellery to make something new.  Jewellery is often passed down from generation to generation and while there is huge sentimental attachment to the p …


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