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Earring Design
Blog Remodelling Old Jewellery 21 July 2022

Spectacular earrings for a lucky bride

On this occasion, the main pieces to be remodelled – some antique crystals – were not particularly valuable, but the history behind them, having been passed down through many generations, gave them huge sentimental value! The original earrings that our …

Ring Design
Blog Remodelling Old Jewellery 14 July 2022

A unique ring for unique diamonds

It’s always a good sign when your customers come back for more!  This lady shares the details of her latest remodelling adventure. I always had a look in the Stonechat window whenever I was over that direction of the city.  I loved the way that they wo …

Black Star Ring Initial Design Proposal
Blog Diamond Rings Remodelling Old Jewellery 9 July 2022


A beautiful ring created by Stonechat in memory of a much loved brother who loved David Bowie. I first came across Stonechat in a google search.  I was looking for a set of stacking rings.  Even though we were in lockdown and had to communicate by phon …

Diamond Bangle
Blog Remodelling Old Jewellery 30 May 2022

A collection of inherited jewellery

When you have various pieces of jewellery to remodel, it can be difficult to know where to start. Creating one statement piece that is easy to wear is a great way to fine tune your jewellery box! This customer’s transformation is a perfect example! I r …

Remodelled Eclipse Ring
Blog Remodelling Old Jewellery 11 May 2022

Reinventing an engagement ring!

As we always say, there is no point in having diamonds sitting in a drawer! If you can’t wear your engagement ring as it is, turn it into something that you will wear! People remodel their jewellery with us for all sorts of reasons. They may have inher …