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Behind the Scenes Blog News 27 February 2020

Our Expansion is Underway!

Spring is definitely springing, and spring means growth!  We are very busy growing too – our expansion is well under way and it’s extremely exciting! While day-to-day business continues as normal in our shop and workshop in 3-4 Westbury Mall, great wor

The Cost of Irish Weddings
Blog 19 July 2019

The True Cost of Irish Weddings

The green green grass of home is certainly not a metaphor for Irish weddings, which are anything but ‘green’, according to our recent survey. Every year, there are around 22,000 weddings in Ireland.  While it’s wonderful to think that every year there

Engagement rings Dublin
Blog Engagement Rings Various 25 June 2019

Engagement Ring Styles and Cuts: One simple thing to remember and 12 fine examples

You may be thinking of proposing to your loved one, or you’ve possibly already proposed, and now comes the next important step – choosing an engagement ring!  We understand that picking this very special ring for the very special person in your life ca

Chocolate Diamonds for Easter
Bespoke Blog Various 19 April 2019

A chocolate diamond is for life, not just for Easter!

A handcrafted chocolate egg is just what everyone wants at Easter time – a delicious, artisan treat to nibble and relish. Chocolate is a real luxury, but it usually disappears very quickly!  Happily, chocolate diamonds skilfully set in handcrafted piec

Art Deco Cover
Bespoke Blog 29 March 2019

A Bespoke Art Deco Ring

As part of our Mother’s Day series, let us tell you about a beautiful bespoke ring made recently where a Mum is truly centre stage. A few months ago, a customer came to us with a specific project in mind.  She had a significant birthday coming up and s


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