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Chocolate Diamonds for Easter
Bespoke Blog Various 19 April 2019

A chocolate diamond is for life, not just for Easter!

A handcrafted chocolate egg is just what everyone wants at Easter time – a delicious, artisan treat to nibble and relish. Chocolate is a real luxury, but it usually disappears very quickly!  Happily, chocolate diamonds skilfully set in handcrafted piec …

Art Deco Cover
Bespoke Blog 29 March 2019

A Bespoke Art Deco Ring

As part of our Mother’s Day series, let us tell you about a beautiful bespoke ring made recently where a Mum is truly centre stage. A few months ago, a customer came to us with a specific project in mind.  She had a significant birthday coming up and s …

Butterfly Pendant
Bespoke Blog 21 March 2019

Small Things Can Say So Much

In the first part of our Mother’s Day series, we catch a glimpse of how extremely personal jewellery is, and how every piece tells a story.  While many of the tales we hear in our shop are joyous, others unfortunately aren’t. Last year a customer came …

Handcrafted vs. Mass Produced
Bespoke Blog Various 4 July 2018

Handcrafted vs. Mass Produced Jewellery

Keeping it Simple
Bespoke Blog Remodelling Old Jewellery Various 20 June 2018

Remodelling – Keeping it Simple

“Pared back” is practically our motto in Stonechat Jewellers, and it’s easy to see why!  There’s a lot to be said for keeping things simple in a contemporary but timeless manner.  This philosophy is at the core of our design ethos. Let us show you some …


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