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Remodelling Story
Bespoke Blog Various 4 November 2021

Remodelling Story of the Week – From Mother to Daughter

Every week we share one of our favourite recent remodelling projects with you.  From the most beautiful contemporary pieces to the most touching and personal stories, we’re sure you’ll love these transformations! Using family heirlooms to create a wedd …

Bespoke Blog Various 28 October 2021

Be Inspired…

A bespoke piece of jewellery is an amazing gift – it’s so personal and is something that will be treasured forever! We completely understand that it may seem a bit overwhelming to work out the details for a bespoke piece, particularly if you’re not con …

Chocolate Diamonds for Easter
Bespoke Blog Various 19 April 2019

A chocolate diamond is for life, not just for Easter!

A handcrafted chocolate egg is just what everyone wants at Easter time – a delicious, artisan treat to nibble and relish. Chocolate is a real luxury, but it usually disappears very quickly!  Happily, chocolate diamonds skilfully set in handcrafted piec …

Art Deco Cover
Bespoke Blog 29 March 2019

A Bespoke Art Deco Ring

As part of our Mother’s Day series, let us tell you about a beautiful bespoke ring made recently where a Mum is truly centre stage. A few months ago, a customer came to us with a specific project in mind.  She had a significant birthday coming up and s …

Butterfly Pendant
Bespoke Blog 21 March 2019

Small Things Can Say So Much

In the first part of our Mother’s Day series, we catch a glimpse of how extremely personal jewellery is, and how every piece tells a story.  While many of the tales we hear in our shop are joyous, others unfortunately aren’t. Last year a customer came …


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