Green tourmaline and diamond white gold ring


Tourmaline is just terrific! It ranges in colour from the deepest of green to watermelon pink, having passed via an ocean blue along the way – who would have thought a gemstone could be so versatile! As an excellent, and stronger, alternative to emeralds, the range of shades of green tourmalines available is astounding, stretching from deep olives to brighter, lighter greens.  Blue tourmaline (indigolite) truly captures the ocean with its shades of the sea while pink tourmaline is a great pop of colour! View our handcrafted rings and pendants online to get a flavour of how many options there are! Please get in touch if you would like any more information!

Bespoke Tourmaline Jewellery

We have a selection of tourmaline jewellery to choose from within our collection below.  However, we can also design and create a bespoke piece, just for you. Contact: to enquire.

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