18ct gold ruby ring with diamond halo

Ruby Jewellery

Those born in July have a gemstone known in ancient India as the king of precious stones, ruby.  The vibrant red and pinks of this gemstone have long been associated with blood, and therefore, passion and love. The name ruby comes from the Latin for red, ruber.  A variety of the mineral corundum, the same material as sapphire, ruby gets its colour from trace amounts of the element chromium, and is the next hardest gemstone after diamonds. In past centuries, it was thought rubies could predict danger and make the wearer invincible in battle.  Wearing ruby is supposed to cool hot tempers and give you prudence and foresight.

Bespoke Ruby Jewellery

We have a selection of ruby jewellery to choose from within our collection below.  However, we can also design and create a bespoke piece, just for you.  Contact: shop@stonechatjewellers.ie to enquire.

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