Fine Diamond Halo necklace - white gold

Diamond Jewellery

Diamond is a gemstone that needs no introduction, those born in April have one of the world’s most adored gemstones as their birthstone. The name diamond comes from the Greek adamas which translates as invincible, as it is the hardest substance known. Believed by many ancient cultures to have mystical properties, it could ward off the evil eye and protect against plague.  Today the diamond is synonymous with love and romance due to its popularity in engagement rings. Everyone is familiar with white diamonds but they also come in many different colours and shades, meaning there is a diamond colour for every taste! Wearing a diamond is thought to bring longevity, strength and beauty. In addition to being the April birthstone, diamond is the gift of choice for 60th wedding anniversaries.

Bespoke Diamond Jewellery

We have a selection of diamond jewellery to choose from within our collection below.  However, we can also design and create a bespoke piece, just for you.  Contact: to enquire.  

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