Citrine and diamond ring

Citrine Jewellery

November’s birthstone is a variety of quartz, which has been used in jewellery for thousands of years.  Citrine is a bright, zesty, yellow stone. This effervescent stone takes its name from the French for lemon, citron. Today the most prized citrine comes from the Anahí mine in Bolivia. Originally discovered by a Spanish conquistador in the 1600s, it was given to him as dowry when he married Anahí, a princess from the Ayoreos tribe of Paraguay.  The mine was lost for three centuries until it was rediscovered in the 1960s! Wearing citrine is believed to inspire confidence, clear-mindedness, and the ambition to pursue your goals. Citrine is often used for a 17th wedding anniversary.

Bespoke Citrine Jewellery

We have a selection of citrine jewellery to choose from within our collection below.  However, we can also design and create a bespoke piece, just for you.  Contact: to enquire.

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