Remodelling - From one old to many new!

MAY 4, 2017

Treasuring his late father’s wedding ring, a customer got in touch with us to see if it would be possible to share it with his mother and groomsmen so they could all wear part of it on his wedding day.  This was a truly lovely idea that worked wonderfully as a way of including his Dad in the big day and carrying “part” of him into the future.

We sat down with the customer and considered various aspects such as the shape and detail of the ring and how many new pieces of jewellery were to be made.  He decided on cufflinks for himself and his ushers and a pendant and pair of drop earrings for his Mum.  As the original ring had an intricate Celtic pattern, it made sense keep the structure of the ring as was, splitting it up into equal parts.  Having worked out design options, we sent him a some sketches and he came back to us to let us know which one he preferred.


A small angular silver frame was made for each piece, the lines and structure contrasting nicely with the pattern in the yellow gold ring.  90% of the work was done and then the piece of ring was slotted into place (like a picture in a frame) before the final soldering took place.

In process_edited-1

The highly polished finish of the yellow gold stood out beautifully alongside the matte finish silver of the cufflinks, pendant and earrings.
Finished Cufflinks


In Stonechat Jewellers we work with customer’s old gold a great deal.  Often it makes sense to melt the gold down and reuse it.  Nevertheless, in this case, maintaining the integrity of the detail of the ring produced the most lovely and unique pieces.  We were delighted with the outcome, as was our customer.  They are striking but understated, contemporary and very, very special.

Should you have old gold at home that you would like to have remodelled into something new, don’t hesitate to bring it into the shop and we’ll be able to discuss options with you.  Some more examples of remodelled jewellery can be seen by clicking here but really the possibilities are endless so call in to see more!