How many lonely earrings do you have?  One?  Three?  Too many to count?

Single earrings do go missing – unfortunately it’s a fact of life!  And it’s very frustrating to have one of your favourite Stonechat earrings sitting at home, forlorn as it can’t be worn without its other half.

Happily, all is not lost!

In the shop we have a “Lonely Earring Box”, home to single earrings waiting to be paired up with a new partner.  Bring in your lonely Stonechat earring and we’ll see if we have the perfect match for it.  We may be able to solve the problem on the spot but we will need to double check all the details on the two earrings such as finish, colour, size, etc.  If there isn’t a perfect match in the Lonely Earring Box, there’s no problem with making you a single earring to go with the one you still have – this is something we can do in our in-house workshop for all Stonechat earrings.  In the case of earrings made by the other designer-goldsmiths we stock, we’re very happy to contact them on your behalf so that they can do the same.  In general the cost of a single earring is half the price of a new pair.

As ever, there are exceptions to every rule!  Sometimes it not possible to match a freshwater pearl exactly, and we wouldn’t make a replacement earring for a pair originally designed and produced by a designer from beyond the Stonechat nest.

Every pair of earrings purchased from Stonechat Jewellers comes with backs, be they metal or rubber, so ideally you won’t need to talk to us about a lonely earring at all.  Nevertheless, if you do, we’ll do our very best to make you and your earrings happy again!

Lonely Box