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Our Expansion is Underway!

FEBRUARY 27, 2020

Spring is definitely springing, and spring means growth!  We are very busy growing too – our expansion is well under way and it’s extremely exciting!

While day-to-day business continues as normal in our shop and workshop in 3-4 Westbury Mall, great works are currently ongoing behind the closed doors of our new space beside us in 5 Westbury Mall.  We’ve taken a big step forwardand knocked part of the wall between the two units down.  This is hugely important as it’ll allow our jewellery retail space to connect directly with our beautiful new, bigger and better jewellery workshop.

Happily, our 100% increase in size won’t be long now!  We’ve worked out all of the details for colours, display cabinets, floors and finishes.  Over the coming weeks it will be business as usual.  However, during March there will be a 2 week period where we will be operating on a reduced scale to allow for the refit of our existing space.  Sales, consultations and collections will all still be possible and we will keep you updated as everything evolves.  All going well, the building works will be finished by the end of March and in early April everything will be up and running.  Change and growth may bring short-term disruption, but it will definitely be worth it in the long run!