Handcrafted vs. Mass Produced

Handcrafted vs. Mass Produced Jewellery

JULY 4, 2018

What could be more beautiful than a handmade piece of jewellery?

In an increasingly automated and disposable world where many, many items are mass produced, there is strong argument for the active defence of individually handcrafted work.  From simple toothbrushes to designer high heeled shoes, fast fashion clothes to flat packed furniture, it is highly probable that the item that you greatly covet and studiously save up for has barely been touched by a human hand throughout its entire production process.

This is a great shame.  Not surprisingly, and sadly, the wonderful world of jewellery hasn’t escaped this encroachment of mass production.  High street shops are brimming with cheaply made rings, necklaces and bangles that have been churned out in batches thousands of miles away and imported to be sold as quickly as possible.