All of our rings are made to order, so we only carry one or two sample sizes of each ring in stock.  Once you have chosen your ring we will advise on the best size for that particular style of ring on your finger.  Your size can vary a lot depending on the width and shape of the ring, so this is where you sit back and let the experts make the decision!

  • Your ring should fit your finger comfortably; a push over the knuckle to get it on so that it’s snug enough not to fall off.
  • Ideally a finger should be sized on a normal day – not too warm and not too cold – as finger sizes can go up and down with the temperature.
  • We know from experience that the best way to get a correct finger size is to measure you here in the shop.  If you can’t make it in, please contact us and we’ll talk you through the specifics for sizing the ring in question.
  • Fingers on the left hand tend to be slightly smaller than fingers on the right hand, so that is worth considering when being sized.
  • We also know that measuring with tape, ribbon, cable ties or paper does not work – it may give you a rough guideline but unfortunately it is not an accurate reading.

If you are buying a ring as a gift/surprise, we would recommend choosing an average ring size that is in stock which can then be resized or exchanged for the correct size free of charge within our 30 days return period.

Rings that have been ordered in the incorrect size will incur a resizing charge which varies depending on the ring style.  If you are unsure of the ring size that you are ordering please do get in touch for more information.


Standard chain lengths in jewellery are 16″ and 18″ but longer or shorter can always be accommodated on request.

If you are buying a gift and are unsure of chain length we would recommend choosing 18″.  A necklace that is a little long can still be wearable but a necklace that is too short will be uncomfortable – something that jewellery should never be!

It is no problem to exchange unworn chains for a different length within our 30 days return period.  In order to allow for your Christmas shopping, all purchases from 01.11.21 can be exchanged or resized until 31.01.2022.


It comes as a surprise to many of our customers that bangles and bracelets can be made to size.  Hand sizes and shapes vary greatly so ‘one size fits all’ will not do!  We have a lot of sample bangle sizes that can be tried in our shop to take your accurate size.  If you are unsure of your size and can’t make it in, please contact us and we’ll talk through the best way to measure.

Each bangle is different and will require a slightly different method of sizing so it is important to know all of the details in advance!

If you would like to discuss sizes further with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch!