The Possibilities

It’s wonderful to be spoilt for choice!

Like going to a tailor or a dressmaker, your piece of jewellery is made to order for you.  We have many, many samples of handcrafted pieces of jewellery for you to see and try on, and they are only the start!  The possibilities are endless as all of our designs can be tailored specifically to you.

Do you think you’d like a wider ring?  Or a different coloured gemstone?  A pendant catches your eye, but you’d prefer more diamonds?  Or maybe less!  Or you’d love a pair of drop earrings that are slightly shorter than normal?  What about an alternative finish or engraving that means something special to you?

There are so many details in jewellery – finishes, widths, metal qualities and colours, lengths, engraving, gemstone and diamond options are just some of the areas that give you scope for customising your perfect piece.  Pop into the shop or get in touch and we’ll be delighted to go through options and possibilities with you.