Coloured gemstones

  • Amethyst Cocktail Pendant

    Silver amethyst statement cocktail necklace
  • Amethyst Cocktail Ring

    silver large Cocktail ring - amethyst
  • Amethyst Cocktail Ring With Diamond Band

  • Amethyst Lika Engagement Ring

    Amethyst lika ring
  • Aquamarine Cosmopolitan Ring

    Aquamarine Cosmopolitan
  • Aquamarine Lika Engagement Ring

    Aquamarine lika ring
  • Blue Topaz Cocktail Ring

    two tone blue topaz large cocktail ring
  • Blue Topaz Cocktail Ring

    blue topaz silver large cocktail ring
  • Carnelian Rhapsody Necklace

    Carnelian rhapsody necklace
  • Chocolate Diamond Anvers Ring

    Chocolate diamond anvers rose gold engagement ring
  • Chocolate Diamond Astral Pendant

    Chocolate Diamond Cluster Pendant
  • Chocolate Diamond Emelie Engagement Ring

    Chocolate diamond rose gold emelie ring
  • Chocolate Diamond Rose Gold Astral Earrings

    Chocolate Diamond Cluster Earrings
  • Chocolate Diamond Stockholm Engagement Ring

    Chocolate diamond stockholm bezel solitaire gold engagement ring
  • Citrine Cocktail Ring

    two tone silver gold citrine modern cocktail ring
  • Citrine Vienna Engagement Ring

    Yellow Citrine vienna halo engagement ring
  • Cocktail Ring Set

  • Diamond And Sapphire Aurora Set

    White Gold Aurora Set with Sapphire
  • Garnet Cocktail Ring

    gold silver two tone garnet large cocktail ring
  • Gold & Spinel Oval Necklace

    Oval necklace - black spinel -gold -2
  • Green Tourmaline Cosmopolitan Ring

    Green Tourmaline Cosmopolitan
  • Green Tourmaline Florence Engagement Ring

    Green tourmaline florence ring
  • Green Tourmaline Lika Ring

    Green tourmaline lika ring
  • Jasper Dramatic Drop Earrings

    Jasper dramatic large statement silver drop earrings
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