Acorn Pin Bespoke Design

Bespoke - Acorn Project

JANUARY 30, 2018

Bespoke jewellery can be a great opportunity to express a specific and personal concept or emotion.  On occasion a customer may have an idea, or sentiment, that they would like to capture in a piece of jewellery, but they’re not quite sure how to do it.  This is where we gladly step in!  Bespoke contemporary jewellery presents a wonderful challenge as it seeks to subtly reflect a particular feeling or moment, bringing it to life.

One of our recent projects in the workshop truly embraced all of these angles.  A customer asked us for some ideas for a silver commemorative pin that she wanted to give her team members.  Working in a care home, the all-female staff had looked after one of their resident patients for 14 years, until the end of his days.  Sadly, he had passed away, and our customer wanted to mark the occasion with a pin that her team members could wear easily on a regular basis, knowing the discrete meaning behind the details involved.

Working with her company logo, which is an acorn, and determined to mark the significance of the time frame of the care given and the relationships built during those years, we sent our customer three sketches based on the acorn theme, each with a specific element repeated 14 times.


Delighted with all three designs, our customer had the difficult decision of picking one!  She chose the third option, with the figure of 14 considered in the recurrent detail on the cupule of the acorn.  Once we had confirmed the finish and exact scale, we got going on making the 24 pins in our in-house workshop.

The pins were to be distributed during a commemorative service, so it was important that everything was ready for collection in good time for the big day.  In keeping with all of our jewellery, each pin was individually boxed and wrapped in our signature bright pink ribbon.