Remodel Old Jewellery


Remodelling old jewellery is wonderful!


It shakes off the cobwebs and brings possibility to life.  Owning jewellery that you don’t wear, for whatever reason, is a shame.  Many people have old pieces at home in drawers, in boxes or tucked away – pieces they don’t wear or that are very dated.  The jewellery may have been inherited, be of great sentimental value, be broken or have parts missing.  It could be your Mum’s engagement ring, a brooch from a great aunt, a birthday present that you never really liked.  There is a lot of potential there, and remodelling is a great opportunity to bring metals, diamonds, gemstones and memories up from the past and into the present.


In our Stonechat workshop we spend a lot of time remodelling – we really get a kick out of it!  We want you to wear and enjoy your remodelled jewellery, while you tell the story of how your unique, contemporary piece came to be.  Each piece of remodelled jewellery is the result of a careful, detailed design process and conversations between you and a member of the Stonechat team, combined with skilled craftsmanship.  You come to us with various bits and pieces of gold, and leave with something new that means the world to you, and to us!


So, how does this all work, I hear you cry!……


You may have had a remodelling idea or project in the back of your mind for a long time, and coming into the shop seems to be the most difficult step.  Once you do that, the ball can start rolling. Remodelling projects are interesting and involved, for you and for us, and are always a pleasant process.   Before coming in, do have a good root around at home for any old jewellery that you don’t wear, or don’t want.  It’s like a jewellery box spring clean – sometimes you can have more than you had initially realised!


When you’re in the shop, we’ll be able to have a look at what you have and identify any pieces that may be plated or not a precious metal.  From there, the focus is on you! Bearing in mind what old jewellery, diamonds and gemstones you have, some of the key questions we’ll ask you are:


  • What do you want?

There is no point in getting your jewellery remodelled into something new if it’s going to end up sitting in a box at home.  Jewellery should be worn and enjoyed.

  • What would you wear?

Would you wear a ring, or are you more of a pendant person?  Do you prefer stud earrings, or drops?  What about bangles?

  • Do you wear yellow or white gold?

Some people are happier with one colour metal, and others like two tone jewellery. Different colour metals work well on different skin tones.  This is very personal, and you’ll have a good feel for what suits you.

  • Are there any particular pieces of your old jewellery that you specifically want to use?

Although you may have various pieces of jewellery, one or two of them may be of more sentimental value to you than others.  It’s important to highlight these, so that they can be worked into the design.

  • Would you be happy to split up your stones?

Just because you have various stones, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they all have to be reused at the one time.  If you do want to keep all of your stones together, do let us know.  If you’re open to splitting them up (into various different rings, or a ring and matching earrings or a pendant, for example) that’s great too.  We are huge advocates for not shoehorning too many stones into the one piece of jewellery, and for creating space where necessary, so that stones can “breathe”.

  • What is your approximate budget?

We will always try to work within a customer’s budget.  This is an important question, as there’s no point in working on designs and ideas that are beyond the budget.  Do let us know what you had in mind.


Some people come to us with a very clear idea of what they want.  Other people are not so sure, and that is not a problem.  Depending on the flow and direction of our conversation with you, we will be able to show you sketches and images of pieces of jewellery that we have previously made.  These will give you and us a feel for what is possible, and what you do and don’t like.  On occasion we can work out and confirm the design and provide a quote on the spot.  Other times, we will take note of all of the relevant details and be back in touch within a couple of days with further information – ideas, options, CAD drawings, sketches and quotes.


We love remodelling, and we hope you will too!  It gives us the opportunity to work on something very special and unique for you, which is a great honour.  You will have a bespoke piece of jewellery which has an interesting, personal, and possibly emotional, story behind it that combines recycling, upcycling and your own history with contemporary design and ideas that are tied in with enjoyment and happiness.  In addition, you can take great comfort in the knowledge that if you had gone out to buy something similar, it may not have been possible to find it or it could have cost a lot more.


We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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