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  • flow-neckpiece

    flow neckpiece


    What a showstopper!  Dramatic neckpieces don't get better than this!  Handcrafted in sterling silver with a matte texture, the Flow…

  • Golden Twist Bangletwist-bangle

    golden twist bangle


    Looking for a variation on the standard bangle?  Look no further!  As a key component of Seamus Gill’s Twist Collection,…

  • Golden Twist Brooch

    golden twist brooch


    Seamus Gill designs and makes wonderful brooches!  This one is an elegant piece with great depth and movement in it.…

  • Golden Twist Drop Earrings

    golden twist drop earrings


    These excellent drop earrings really do work!  They swoop and curve, and have great presence and style.  Made from textured,…

  • Golden Twist Long Drop Earringssideways-closing-bangle

    golden twist long earrings


    These earrings are mighty!  They bring light and elegance and make a strong statement at the same time.  They swoop…

  • Golden Twist Oval Bangle 2sideways-closing-bangle

    golden twist oval bangle


    This design gets a gold medal for being “the best ever”! This oval bangle is so comfortable, so contemporary and…

  • Golden Twist Pendanttwist-bangle

    golden twist pendant


    This necklace knows no bounds!  It works so well, and brings light and life to any outfit!  The textured 22ct…

  • Golden Twist Brooch Small Pendant

    golden twist small pendant


    This is the smaller of two striking pendants in this collection.  The textured 22ct yellow gold plate finish on the…

  • Golden Twist Stud Earrings

    golden twist stud earrings


    For that little shot of gold and silver, these studs are just the ticket!  Softly curved, giving a slight 3D…

  • Long Textured Silver Pendant

    Long Silver Pendant


      Striking long sterling silver pendant with contrasting polished highlights and textured areas.   Standard chain length - 27".  Alternative…

  • Silver Textured Brooch

    Silver Brooch


      Striking sterling silver brooch with contrasting polished highlights and textured areas.  

  • Silver Twist Banglesilver-twist

    silver twist bangle


    One of Seamus Gill’s greatest designs ever!  This oval bangle is made of hammered, polished sterling silver which undulates around…