Our Workshop

We are proud to say that we handcraft 40% of our jewellery in our in-store workshop.  Our workshop is situated at the front of our store where you can always see one or two of us at work.  We love showing customers the many steps behind producing a piece of handmade jewellery giving you a unique insight into goldsmithing techniques.

Take a look at the images below to see some of the steps in making our Birdie Pendant or call in to see it in person!

All of our designs start with a blank piece of paper and a pencil!  Once we have worked out a rough idea we begin making prototypes until we are 100% happy with every detail.

The birdies are drawn out on a sheet of metal using a template and a metal scribe.

They are then pierced out using a blade that is smaller than 1mm in thickness!

Silver bar is rolled out to the correct thickness and then turned up into rings for the birdie to sit in.  Each one is hammered, filed and sanded to the exact same diameter, thickness and depth.

A tiny peg is soldered to each birdie and then a small hole is drilled in the silver ring.  The peg and bird are placed in the hole and soldered.

Once the birdie is soldered in place the piece is sanded with varying grades of emery paper until a fine matte surface is achieved.  It is finished with small polished highlights and placed on a glistening chain.

No piece is complete without a beautiful presentation box and some pretty pink ribbon!  We believe that packaging is as important as the piece itself… We want you to love your piece before you even open the box!

A snapshot of one of our workbenches… possibly a little tidier than normal!

Ann and Jemma hard at work!