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Our Team!

We have a wonderful, strong, personable team in Stonechat Jewellers. We have all completed a goldsmithing apprenticeship with the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland, based in Kilkenny. This is an internationally recognised course in designing and making contemporary jewellery, covering both traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques.

Let us introduce ourselves to you!


Left to right:   Ann, Charlie, Sophie, Jemma


Ann is the owner of Stonechat Jewellers, and brings an incredible amount of skill, energy and ambition to the table. Having completed a degree in Trinity College, she began her jewellery training in NCAD with a short course in metalwork, followed later by the Kilkenny apprenticeship.

On gaining experience in various jewellery studios, Ann then took the leap and opened Stonechat Jewellers in summer 2012. She thrives on the diversity of the business – from making pieces in the workshop to the social side of dealing with great customers – the best of both worlds!



Sophie loves the chat! She spends a lot of time talking to customers, colleagues, suppliers and designer-makers, as well as making sure the right piece of jewellery is being made for the right person at the right time!

Having studied languages and design in Scotland and Spain and worked in international management in Madrid, Sophie discovered jewellery making while travelling in Thailand. In 2009 she returned to Ireland to pursue this newfound interest. On completing the Kilkenny apprenticeship and gaining experience in various jewellery workshops and stores, she joined the Stonechat team in 2014.



Jemma is an extremely talented lady! Focussing specifically on the redesigned and bespoke jewellery made in our workshop, her technical skills and design experience are a huge asset to the team.

Originally from Australia, Jemma grew up in Wexford before returning to Adelaide to study architecture.  During her degree Jemma did a semester in metalwork and has not looked back since! She returned to Ireland and completed the Kilkenny apprenticeship, which included working in Irish and UK workshops.  She graduated in July 2013 and started with Stonechat soon after.



Charlie is the latest addition to our lovely team. Originally from England, and with wide ranging experience in retail, Charlie completed the Kilkenny apprenticeship and joined Stonechat in late 2015. Her current emphasis is working on the Stonechat collections, while also developing her own range of jewellery in her free time – watch this space!


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