About Our Handmade Jewellery

“A stonechat is a little-known Irish bird that is a beautiful shade of grey with a little dash of red. It is a perfect example of understated beauty – something I want to reflect in both my designs and in the new store in The Westbury Mall.”     Ann Chapman

Stonechat Jewellers is proud to offer a carefully selected range of fine handmade jewellery which we have sourced both locally and from all over Europe. We offer our customers exceptional quality, handmade designs with an extra emphasis on craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

About Ann Chapman

Ann Chapman is a fine jewellery designer from Dublin. While studying for a degree in European studies in France, Ann fell in love with the bijoux jewellery shops of romantic Paris.  Determined to learn the intricate skills of fine jewellery making, Ann undertook a short course at NCAD.  Following an apprenticeship of several years with a variety of jewellery studios, she was granted one of only twelve coveted places on the Crafts Council of Ireland goldsmithing course in Kilkenny. The broad skill-set she acquired during this training affirmed Ann’s passion for fine jewellery, precious metals and coloured stones.

Jewellery made by hand in our store

We make 5 of our jewellery ranges by hand in our in store workshop.  Why not call in and watch us at work?  Not only does having our workshop in store give our customers an insight into how a piece of jewellery is made, it allows us to create bespoke pieces, completely tailored to your specifications.

Redesign old jewellery…

Would you like to have a ring redesigned?  Do you have jewellery of sentimental value that just isn’t your style?  We can melt down your metal & reset your stones to create a beautiful modern piece of jewellery.

Call in store to discuss your ideas with us.  We only have goldsmith-designers on our team so you can trust that we know how to design and make a piece of jewellery that you will treasure for years to come.

Why buy handmade jewellery?

There are so many reasons!  Here are just a few…

Metal – We don’t hollow out our jewellery to make it lighter.  It is so important that your jewellery feels like a quality piece.  Mass produced jewellery is made as light as possible so that the material cost is as little as possible.  This can cause irritation on the skin where rings are concerned as water gets trapped in the hollow section and aggravates the skin underneath.

Remember that metal used in jewellery is normally an alloy – silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% another metal to give it enough strength so that we can work with it.  Equally 18ct gold is 75% gold and 25% alloy.  Mass produced jewellery can have a cheaper alloy added to it to keep costs down, this is particularly important where white gold is concerned.  We only use white gold with a palladium alloy – an expensive raw material.  Some manufacturers add silver to white gold which means the white gold will turn very yellow over time and require frequent rhodium plating.

Stones – We hand pick our stones to make sure that we are getting the best stone within each grade.  Workshops that mass produce jewellery normally receive a delivery of gemstones and use them all.  We sort through a delivery and often return a good portion of the stones as we don’t feel they are up to scratch.

Design – Jewellery that is mass produced is limited in design as it has to be manufactured in a certain way that is fast and cheap.  We concentrate on the design of the piece first and worry about the manufacturing afterwards!

The story – Each Stonechat piece comes beautifully presented with a short biography about the designer-maker.  We love being able to tell our customers all about the person that made their jewellery and what inspired the piece.